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Diamond T Kennel

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Responsible Dog Ownership!!!

Please be sure that when you have a thought of getting your first puppy or adding to your family that you really know what you are getting yourself into, owning a dog is not a easy task it is a lot of responsibility not to be taken too lightly!


Here is a picture of my lovely neighbors dog the only problem is that is MY yard he is in.And please do not be like my neighbors who did not know what a hard task that was please make sure you know where your dog is at all times and make sure he is secure in your yard it only takes a matter of seconds to lose your beloved one and it could be for life that you lose him if you are not carefull!! 


And here again is the neighbors dog setting a good example of what a dog should NOT look like.(he is the one on the left) If you decide to get a dog that requires regular hair maintence grooming please be sure to keep up on it along with regular bathing and ear cleanings and toe nail clippings and vet visits to ensure a happy healthy companion

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