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Diamond T Kennel


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Welcome to Diamond T Kennels!
I have been raising basset hounds now for 6 years and other breeds too untill i finally found the perfect breed for me,was the basset hound they are such a lovable breed that's lots of fun to be around.
 The bassets are more of a lover breed, long floppy and doppy they are a active breed to a point but i think they would rather just be a big couch potatoe with some adventure. So if you are looking for a companion to share the couch with, you have found a breed that will love to do just that!   


All of my puppies are akc registered and ch lined raised with kids and around cats and other dogs so they are not scared and they  are not sheltered from the world of changes so they will have a much easier time adjusting to their new forever home.

The Westminster Kennel Club continues to firmly believe and advocate that the best source for a puppy or adult dog for your family will always be those responsible breeders who produce puppies with the goal of improving the health and physical traits of that breed. To accomplish that, responsible breeders continuously study their pedigrees and breeding stock, do health checks on all of their dogs involved, properly raise and socialize their puppies, and stand behind their puppies. Responsible breeders are proud of their dogs and participate in activities and organizations that further their knowledge of their breed and their dogs.

As we have for many years during our televised broadcast, The Westminster Kennel Club will continue to make the following announcement: "If you are planning to add a dog to your life and have come to look over the best of the best, please note, no dog you have seen here (yesterday or today) came from a pet shop, or was the 'product', if you will, of a puppy mill. If you want a dog, go to the people who care - the dedicated specialty breeders who have made dogs like those you see here - a lifetime effort. Talk dogs with dog people who care and understand."

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I only have a few litters per year i am breeding for quality basset hounds not for quanity

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